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This gorgeous property has lots of open spaces, and gave us a chance to add many stunning touches. A nearby building inspired the palette, while the grid-like patterns of furniture placement, fabrics and wallcoverings reflect the window wall and streetscape below. Do you love this look? We can tailor a custom look just for you. Contact us today to find out how.


Architectural Kitchens

Italian Inspiration. The Binova Range.

Italian inspiration passed down through generations with an eye to the future. 

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Un’armoniosa miscela di eleganza e funzionalità.

A harmonious blend of elegance and functionality



Allowing freedom is the sign of a great strength. We let materials get over their own attitude. It implies the ability to become a real tool of nature to enhance the range of possibilities of elements like the native mildness of wood or the suggestions coming from outer space

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Mantis is an incorporated architecture project representing the evolution of technology and space concepts, as space itself is an extension of time and using capability.


Showing what the others hide means leaving room to imagination. A multidirectional research that constantly changes its target, following a smooth top and climbing along a bronze line from floor to ceiling: looking for the original reflection in glass and grain.

The Way to Your Dream Space Starts Here

It is far more than just affection: this is a real love declaration and a tribute to a kitchen that has made the history of our Company. We want to give a new story to Bluna, a new voice to express all its talent in the combination of still unexplored details, features and finishing.


Creativity always demands a renegotiation of certitudes: thus Vintage steel is extremely treated and regular rhythm is resolved and recomposed. From the top of the linear design of the wall units, the beat descends along the long equipped countertop; a close-up of the Life storage system running along the countertop recalls the concept of a lab of taste and nourishment: a workshop where everything finds its proper place and is always close at hand.




30 High St • Sunninghill • Ascot • SL5 9NE

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