Kitchen Company London 

If you’re looking for an expert kitchen company in London, look no further than ALM Studios! Here, at ALM Studios, we specialise in creating luxurious and functional kitchens that truly reflect the unique style and requirements of each client. Our expertise spans contemporary, inframe, and shaker kitchens, created with the best materials and cutting-edge design principles. As a dedicated kitchen company in London, we bring a mix of Italian elegance, German precision, and British charm to our designs, ensuring that every kitchen is stunning. Our process is designed to provide a personal touch, from the initial design concept through to the meticulous installation. Whether you are renovating an old space or designing a new one, ALM Studios is committed to delivering exceptional quality and service, making us the go-to kitchen company in London for those who seek perfection in their home. 

Premier Kitchen Company In London 

ALM Studios stands out as the premier kitchen company in London, known for our excellent craftsmanship and innovative designs. We offer an extensive portfolio of kitchen styles, from sleek, modern designs to timeless classics and everything in between. Our award-winning team of designers and craftsmen use only the best materials and the latest technologies to create kitchens that are not only beautiful but also highly functional and durable. Our commitment to excellence has made us the first choice for many homeowners across London seeking a kitchen that truly stands out. At ALM Studios, we understand that the kitchen is more than just a cooking space, it's a space for family, entertainment, and daily life, and we dedicate ourselves to creating spaces that improve these experiences. 

We love our Kitchen 

For our renovation, we decided to buy our Kitchen from Alm Studios. Their work and their design is wonderful and the service perfect. 

Get In Touch With Our Premier Kitchen Company In London 

If you are looking to improve your home with a kitchen that blends beauty with efficiency, get in touch with ALM Studios, the premier kitchen company in London. 
Our expert team is ready to guide you through every step of the kitchen design process, from the initial consultation to the final steps. We focus on creating bespoke kitchens that are designed to meet the individual preferences and requirements of our clients. 
Whether you're drawn to the sleek lines of contemporary design, the warmth of a traditional shaker kitchen, or the elegance of inframe styles, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Our showrooms feature a variety of designs that inspire, showcasing the possibilities that await in your own home. Contact ALM Studios today to schedule a visit or arrange a consultation with one of our talented designers. Experience the luxury, functionality, and style that only ALM Studios can offer! 

Masters In Stone 

Our stone finishes are available as veneers of real stone, and ceramics with the texture of real stone. Alternatively, excellent reproductions can be harnessed to produce dramatic, contemporary designs that will never date due to their natural elegance. Some of these are available to exactly match the pattern of quartz worksurfaces, meaning you can achieve an entirely seamless and continuous design. A kitchen isn’t just something to look at, it’s the heart of your home and these solid surfaces are a delight to interact with, whilst beautiful colour hues that change with the natural light are truly fascinating to the eye. 

Redefining Symmetry & Minimalism 

Leading kitchen manufacturers have risen to the challenge of ensuring that sleek, minimal designs need not be interrupted by the practicality of everyday necessities. Hidden internal drawers, dishwashers with dummy drawer fronts, islands that appear to float with continual sightlines and deeply recessed plinths are now available to the discerning client who values the calm of thoughtful design. Our handleless systems are a perfect embodiment of this philosophy; when combined with XL pan drawers they create a perception of space, with nothing to interrupt the consistency of the intended geometry. 

Handleless Kitchens 

With an unrivalled range of handleless kitchen products and depth of experience in designing and installing them, the ALM Studios Team feel we can justly call ourselves experts within this field. Catering for budgets ranging from £10,000 to over £50,000, our high quality handleless kitchens are possible within almost every door in our range, and in a wide variety of colours and materials. This includes all of our gloss, matt, stone, ceramic and concrete doors, as well as the majority of our wood doors. 

Why are Handleless Kitchens so Popular? 

Simply put, the handleless kitchen style is popular because of its streamlined, sleek and elegant appearance. ‘Streamline’ refers to a kitchen view where the flow of the units is uninterrupted and efficient. The lack of handles reflects a minimalist design approach toward achieving purity and simplicity within design, ensuring that which is not needed, is not present…such as handles! In accordance with this concept, kitchen design has evolved so that handles are now a kitchen choice rather than necessity. 

Benefits Of Handleless Kitchens 

The handleless kitchen style creates a clean, uncluttered and timeless look. (Its timeless quality is especially beneficial if there’s a future possibility of you selling your home). 
Whether a bold statement, two-tone design or a soft scheme with flowing curves, the wide range of door options within the handleless style -along with its versatile nature- enables increasingly creative design possibilities.They take up less space than a handled kitchen. This is particularly significant for small kitchens where an absence of handles enables more space, increases usability and eliminates the possibility of snagging clothes.Handleless kitchens are easier to clean and maintain, requiring only a simple wipe of the surfaces rather than cleaning in and around the handles. This also makes them more hygienic as dirt cannot accumulate in these hard-to-clean areas.Handleless kitchen doors can be easily and elegantly continued into other areas of the home. This makes them a popular option for living room furniture within open plan arrangements.Handleless systems with a push-open mechanism enable easy access to cupboards through a smooth, free motion; furthermore, a wide door opening angle provides clear visibility of the contents within. 

Handleless Kitchen Cabinets 

What Is A True Handleless Kitchen? 

A true handleless kitchen will always contain a handleless kitchen channel system. Requiring a specialist manufacturing process, each cabinet carcass in the run of units has a sophisticated rebate machined into it, and into this, a stainless-steel C-shaped channel is inserted. Via this mechanism the door is opened by placing your hand behind the top edge of the door or drawer and pulling it forwards and outwards. However, increased demand for handleless kitchens has brought new variations of this style, making them more affordable. For example, a J-Groove or J-Pull has an integrated J-shaped recess at the top edge of the door for the fingers to curve around and pull the door outwards. But this style is not a ‘true handleless’ kitchen! It is important to recognise the difference and note that manufacture processes and the resulting product vary greatly in quality. 

What Makes ALM Studios Unique? 

Fully-Fitted Kitchens 

Our kitchens are fully fitted with our made-to-measure service. 

British Shaker 

We design and install bespoke British shaker kitchens made to measure. 

German Kitchens 

High-Quality German engineered kitchens with technical innovations. 

Italian Kitchens 

Contemporary Italian Style brings a blend of elegance and functionality. 

Visit Our Kitchen Showroom in Ascot 

Our kitchen showroom in Ascot is fully equipped to welcome all visitors. We have private on-site parking a short distance from the showroom entrance. Children are very welcome and we have WiFi to help keep them entertained. 
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