Case Study 

Timeless Elegance Award-Winning Kitchen Designer 

The Brief 

The client embarked on a substantial rear extension project, envisioning a harmonious blend of kitchen, dining, and utility spaces. In the kitchen, they desired a handmade bespoke in-frame design with a modern yet functional touch. The key elements included a spacious island with seating, a range cooker, modern appliances, a Quooker tap, light-coloured quartz worktop, and a breakfast station for a toaster and microwave. They envisioned a two-tone kitchen. In the utility area, they aimed for a more cost-effective shaker style with folding door units, solid oak dovetailed drawers, visible brass butt-hinges, a thicker quartz worktop, and a large wine cooler. 

The Solution 

We seamlessly merged style and function by designing a bespoke two-tone kitchen that matched the client's vision. Farrow & Ball Hague Blue brought a touch of sophistication to the island, while Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone created a serene and inviting atmosphere in the rest of the space. 
The large island became the focal point, offering seating for guests and a range cooker for culinary delights. Modern appliances and a Quooker tap catered to their daily needs. A light-coloured quartz worktop brought an element of brightness and elegance to the kitchen. The addition of a breakfast station for a toaster and microwave ensured a convenient and uncluttered cooking area. 
In the utility room, we delivered a cost-effective yet stylish solution. Shaker-style cabinets, folding door units, and solid oak dovetailed drawers ensured functionality and visual appeal. The inclusion of visible brass butt-hinges added a classic touch. 
A 30mm thick quartz worktop offered practicality, while a large wine cooler became a valuable addition. 

The Outcome 

The outcome was a seamlessly integrated space that fulfilled the client's vision of elegance, functionality, and cost-effectiveness 
The bespoke two-tone kitchen created an inviting atmosphere for both culinary endeavors and social gatherings. The large island, range cooker, and modern appliances transformed the kitchen into a culinary hub. 
In the utility room, the shaker style furniture, folding door units, and solid oak dovetailed drawers provided cost-effective functionality without compromising style. The brass butt-hinges and quartz worktop added an extra layer of sophistication, while the large wine cooler became a valuable asset. 


This project exemplifies our commitment to crafting spaces that reflect the client's vision, offering a harmonious blend of style and practicality in a rear extension that's now the heart of their home, suitable for both culinary adventures and everyday living. 
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