Case Study 

Elevating Luxury Living Award-Winning Kitchen Designer 

The Brief 

Located in a highly sought-after area of Ascot, our client embarked on a house extension project within their already expansive property. Their vision was a cutting-edge, handleless kitchen with unique, modern finishes. They desired a generously proportioned island with a hob, an array of appliances, and a full-size wine cooler seamlessly integrated between four key appliances. Our solution was to showcase our distinctive resin finish with concrete aesthetics, presented in a two-tone design - lighter for the kitchen units and darker for the island. A Dekton worktop, 20mm for the units and a substantial top for the island, added to the kitchen's allure. This exceptional project achieved recognition and was featured in a life-style magazine, standing as one of our top accomplishments. 

The Solution 

To realize the client's vision of a luxurious, modern kitchen, we introduced an array of cutting-edge features. The focal point was the generously sized, handleless island, housing a sleek hob for culinary adventures. A carefully orchestrated arrangement placed two appliances on top of each other on each side of a full-size wine cooler, creating both a functional and visually striking element. 
The distinctive resin finish, emulating concrete aesthetics, was chosen for its uniqueness and contemporary appeal. We employed a two-tone approach, with lighter shades for the kitchen units and a darker tone to highlight the island, establishing a captivating contrast. 
The choice of a Dekton worktop, featuring a 20mm thickness for the units and a chunkier top for the island, added a touch of sophistication and durability. This modern kitchen represented the pinnacle of design and functionality. 

The Outcome 

The outcome was a modern kitchen that redefined luxury living in the sought-after enclave of Ascot 
The handleless design, resin finish, and contrasting tones created a visually stunning space that seamlessly blended aesthetics and functionality. The generously proportioned island, adorned with a sleek hob, full-size wine cooler, and meticulously positioned appliances, became the kitchen's heart and soul. 


The project's exceptional design and execution gained recognition, leading to its feature in a prestigious design magazine. It stands as one of our top achievements, showcasing our ability to push the boundaries of contemporary kitchen design and create spaces that set new standards for modern luxury living. 
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