Case Study 

Elegance Meets Unparalleled Quality Award-Winning Kitchen Designer 

The Brief 

Our client aspired to a kitchen of unparalleled quality for a prestigious house development project. The goal was to design a bespoke Aldana Painted Shaker kitchen with Aldana timber doors, elegant brass handles, solid oak cutlery trays, and a two-tone colour scheme in viridian and stone. 
Specific requirements included a spacious pantry, integrated microwave, full-size integrated fridge and freezer, downdraft hob, seating for four at the island, and an integrated wine cooler. 

The Solution 

We embarked on creating a bespoke Aldana Painted Shaker kitchen, flawlessly blending classic aesthetics with modern functionality. The choice of Aldana timber doors with brass handles exuded elegance and timeless charm. We meticulously planned and sourced high-quality materials to meet our client's demands. 
The pantry featured double doors and drawers for optimal storage. An integrated microwave seamlessly integrated into the cabinetry. The downdraft hob maintained unobstructed views 
and enabled the placement of decorative pendants above the island. 
The island took center stage, offering seating for four and an integrated wine cooler. The two-tone approach added depth and character to the kitchen - viridian for the island, creating 
a striking contrast with the lighter stone tone for all tall, base, and wall units against the walls. 

The Outcome 

The result was a bespoke Aldana Painted Shaker kitchen that perfectly balanced elegance and quality. 
The kitchen exceeded the client's expectations, with a classic design featuring modern amenities, making it an attractive selling point for the house development project. 
The use of high-quality materials ensured the kitchen met the project's top-tier standard. The kitchen's design, including the downdraft hob and unobstructed views, enhanced the overall aesthetics of the space, creating a kitchen that future homeowners could envision themselves in. 
The two-tone colour scheme added depth and visual interest, further enhancing the kitchen's appeal. This project showcased our ability to blend sophistication with top-tier quality and our unwavering commitment to fulfilling client expectations, setting a new benchmark for bespoke kitchen designs. 


This Aldana Painted Shaker kitchen now stands as a testament to our design expertise, highlighting that unparalleled quality and elegance are the hallmarks of modern home development projects. 
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